Yellow Grove Farm is more than a business, it is part of the community in which it operates

In addition to its vision to encourage local small-scale farmers and to drive and support a sustainable farm experience, Yellow Grove Farm is also committed to supporting the wider community.

In 2019 when a downpour of heavy rain damaged the roof and buildings of the local school – Saboti CEB Primary – Yellow Grove Farm stepped in immediately to replace the damaged roofs and to restore 4 classrooms.

Established in 1956, Saboti CEB Primary School serves 500 families directly and indirectly in the remote Trans Nzoia area. It is one of only two public county schools within a radius of 7 kilometers, and its current student population is 1,036.

While the county has assisted the school in the past, renovating classrooms that were in dire need of repair, following the 2019 storm it was Yellow Grove Farms who stepped in.

School headmaster Christopher Marango said, “Fortunately, a well wisher Yellow Grove Farms extended a helping hand to the school. The classes were completely refurbished and made modern for student learning as compared to the old ones. Thanks to Yellow Grove our students are happy and comfortable in their new classrooms”.

Yellow Grove Farm believes in being an integral part of the community and knows that strong communities make a real difference to the people who live in them. By working with and supporting its neighbours, Yellow Grove Farm demonstrates this belief every day


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