Gypsophila and Limonium Yellow Grove Farms

Gypsophila, Limonium and Hypericum

Since 1990, the floriculture sector in Kenya recorded the highest growth in volume and value of exported cut flowers each year, attaining the status of lead supplier to the EU against competitors. Indeed, Kenyan flowers are known to adorn the tables of many delighted buyers both locally and across the world.

And the sector continues to attract new entrants, ranging from large-scale farms to small-scale out growers. A major employer, it is estimated that the industry supports over 500,000 people as part of its supply chain (including over 100,000 flower farm employees) and impacts over 2 million people indirectly.

While a wide variety of flowers are grown in Kenya, the main cut flowers produced are roses, carnations, lilies and an array of filler and summer flowers.

When Yellow Grove was established, we began our foray into farming with floriculture. Today we grow three types of filler flowers: Gypsophila (Xlence and White Cosmic), Limonium and Hypericum. In addition, we tint gypso flowers into pink, green, orange and rainbow colours. All our flowers are picked, graded and packed on site, then we transport them for export directly to the Dutch Flower Auction.

We are proud of our stunning variety of flowers and have featured them at Kenya’s International Floriculture Industry Trade Expo, to much acclaim.

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